Be Rescue Ready: Time to Spring Clean your First Aid Kit

27 January 2022
Spring Clean Your First Aid Kit
Have you used your first aid kit in the last year? Chances are there are some items missing, some wrappers left in it, or it’s disorganised from searching for the right product in a rush.

Here are some essential items, tips, and advice for giving your first aid kit that well needed spring clean: 

  1. Take Stock: Download this first aid refill checklist we have compiled, tick off what you have, and head to your local pharmacy for a restock. Be Rescue Ready
  2. Get Organised: Our Medicare Home First Aid kit has handy labeled compartments that are ideal when you are in a hurry looking for what you need. If your first aid kit doesn’t have labeled compartments, use rubber bands and Ziplock bags to keep similar items together. Check out our Instagram reel that goes through the different compartments and contents of the Medicare Home First Aid Kit:
    First Aid Kit
  3. Refresh your Skills: Remind yourself of what you need to do in any type of emergency, big or small. Like how to treat a cut or scrape or treat burns. Have a look at our quick first aid tips here.
    First Aid Tips
  4. Have a Back-Up Plan: Do you have a first aid kit in your car, handbag or workplace? As we know, accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. We’re here to make sure you are prepared. We have a variety of options available from mini handbag-sized kits to car kits.

    First Aid Kits
  5. Try Something New: We have released some new first aid items that don’t usually come in our first aid kits that we think you might like to include:

You can find us in pharmacies nationwide. Click here for stockists.