Smart Thermometer

Track temperature, symptoms and treatment with the smart wearable patch and easy to use mobile app.

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Medicare SteadyTemp Smart Thermometer

Medicare SteadyTemp Smart Thermometer

Medicare SteadyTemp is a smart thermometer used to monitor changes in your body temperature by continuously measuring with the smart patch and app. This way you get a more complete picture when compared to a single measurement and identify fevers early.

Wear the patch for up to 7 days and use your phone’s NFC (contactless) function to scan the patch as often as needed whilst monitoring.

7-day round the clock measurement

Light, skin-friendly & latex-free

Medically certified & CE marked

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The Medicare SteadyTemp App

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The app displays the current body temperature as well as previously recorded temperature levels which can be viewed as graphs, showing curves and trends. Record symptoms and medications and share with your healthcare professional.

Monitor temperature curves over time to see trends emerge

Track symptoms and medication side by side with temperature.

Collects temperature data even while you sleep

Connects via radiation-free NFC (contactless) technology

Medicare SteadyTemp Welcome Screen Medicare SteadyTemp Symptom Screen Medicare SteadyTemp Done Screen Medicare SteadyTemp Temperature Curve Screen

Easy to Use

User Registration and Login:

1. Download the Medicare SteadyTemp App.

2. Register your details, login and follow the steps as instructed to apply the patch.

3. Wait 10 mins before activating and reading the patch.

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Applying and Activating the Patch:

Clean and Dry

1. Clean and dry your skin thoroughly before applying the patch. Do not shave, apply deodorant, creams or lotions to the area.

Where to Place Your Patch

2. Place one hand on your hip and relax your shoulder. Apply the patch horizontally so it is placed below your armpit at a distance of three fingers wide.

NFC Required

3. Wait 10 mins before activating the patch. Select "Read Patch" in the app and hold the back of your phone to the centre of the patch. A vibration will confirm activation.

Free Online Course

Our free online course is short (est. 25 mins) and comprehensive. You'll learn about the features and benefits of continuous temperature measurement, the science behind the patch, how to apply the patch and how to use the app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SteadyTemp can be used both at home and by healthcare professionals. SteadyTemp should only be used on persons over 5 years of age.

You can add an infinite number of users in the SteadyTemp app.

To create a new user, simply click on the (+) in the home screen, enter a name and you have created a new user.

To change a user profile, open the app and press and hold on the respective user. Two icons will appear: a red (-) icon in the upper right corner and a blue tool icon in the lower left corner.

With the (-) icon you can delete the user. With the tool icon you can change the name of the user or add a profile picture.

You can track a variety of symptoms with the SteadyTemp app:

  • allergic reaction
  • breathing difficulties
  • chills
  • confusion
  • cough
  • dizzyness
  • drowsiness
  • febrile seizure
  • headcold
  • heart palpations
  • vomiting
  • stiff neck
  • nausea
  • sore throat
  • swollen lymph nodes
  • diarrhea
  • loss of appetite
  • bloating
  • rash

To export your data, open your history. Select the time period you want to export and click on "Export data". A window will open with different options where you want to export your data. Your data will be saved as a PDF.

The PDF contains your temperature curve and your entries from the selected time period, as well as the additional information you added when creating your user.

This way you have all important information stored in one document.

The SteadyTemp patch measures your temperature at regular intervals. The app saves these temperatures and visualizes them using a temperature curve in the SteadyTemp app. This type of display makes it easy to recognize temperature fluctuations.

Strong drops in the temperature curve can be explained by the fact that the temperature on the skin under the patch drops sharply. This can happen, for example, when you go for a walk without a jacket and the wind is strong. Or when your arm is not next to your body for a longer period of time.

- Open the SteadyTemp app.
- Press "Read Patch" (if it is a new patch you will see a tutorial).
- Place your phone with the NFC antenna directly on the patch.
- Hold in position for several seconds and do not move your phone until the activation or the readout of the temperature data has been confirmed via vibration.
- Once you have successfully started the patch, the app will tell you that the patch has been activated.
- Please read your patch at least once (1) a day to keep the data in your up up-to-date.

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a globally used transmission method for exchanging data. Compared to Bluetooth, NFC is only possible over short distances (up to a maximum of 4 in). This guarantees that no third party can access your data which is stored in the patch.

On iPhones (iOS/Apple) the NFC-antenna is on the back of your phone at the top. If you want to read your patch, place the top edge of the back of your iPhone on the patch.

On Android phones the position of the NFC-antenna depends on the manufacturer of the device. Most of the time, the NFC-antenna can be found near the camera or in the middle at the back.

When you want to read your patch, place your phone over the raised part of the patch and hold it steadily in place. It is important to position the NFC-antenna in the middle of the patch.

Example: For Samsung devices the NFC-antenna can be found in the middle at the back.

The patch has a shelf life of two years from the date of packaging. On the patch box you will find the LOT number and the expiration date (year-month-day). The expiration date shows you how long you can use the patch.

No. Unlike other products on the market which use Bluetooth for their data transfer, the SteadyTemp patch does not emit any radiation. SteadyTemp uses NFC for the data transfer. Not only is this quicker (less than 2 seconds), it also means that the user is not exposed to radiation.

Firstly, please make sure that you are holding your phone correctly and that you know where your NFC antenna is located. See the FAQ 'How do I find the NFC-antenna on my phone?'

If the problems persist, please contact our support via email ( you receive error messages from the app, please take a screenshot and attach it to the email.

The patch is a single-use product and can only be used once for a maximum of seven days. After taking down the patch, you can dispose of it in a used battery collection container.

The patch measures with an accuracy of less than 0.1°C degrees and is, therefore, more accurate than any analog or digital thermometer. One advantage is that the patch always sits in the same place. The app displays relative changes in axillary temperature with a maximum deviation of +/- 0.3°C.

After the patch has been applied, it must first adjust to your body temperature. After about an hour you will get reliable measurements.

When you want to apply a patch, please follow the steps below carefully. Correct application of the patch is vital, otherwise the adhesiveness and the comfort of the patch can be affected.

Clean the area with soap, shower gel or an alcohol swab, which does not rehydrate your skin.
Place your hand on your hip and use your other hand to find the correct position for the patch.
Put three fingers beneath your armpit on the side you chose to apply your patch. Just below the third finger is the correct location.

Tip: We recommend your non-dominant side for the patch application. For example, if you are right-handed, apply the patch on your left side. If you want to apply multiple patches successively, alternate the side on which you apply the patch.

Make sure the patch is positioned in the middle between your breast and your back (see photos on website, packaging or in the menu of the app).
Make sure that your shoulder is relaxed and that the skin on which the patch is applied is not stretched.
Tip: Try standing in front of a mirror when applying the patch.

Remove the small part of the protective foil and find the correct position.
Make sure that your shoulder is relaxed, and your hand is still on your hip.
The curved sides of the patch should be at the top and bottom.
Stick the patch in position and remove the remaining protective foil.
Smooth the patch onto your skin gently but firmly. Keep your shoulder relaxed.
If your arm or shoulder is raised during the application, it causes wrinkles underneath the patch which can become uncomfortable. When the arm is raised the skin is stretched and once the patch is applied and the arm lowered wrinkles appear, causing friction and reducing the adhesiveness of the patch.
Once the patch has been applied, please wait for ten minutes. Then you can activate the patch (click on "Read Patch").

Our Quick-Guide shows you exactly, how to apply your patch correctly.

You can also take a look at our tutorial in the menu of the app.

The patch can be read at any time of the day, several times a day. However, to get daily updates on your temperature, the patch should be read at least once a day.

If you are having difficulty reading the patch with your phone, please read the FAQ 'What can I do if I cannot read the patch?'

If you need further assistance, please contact our technical support. The easiest way to do this is to use the "Contact Support" function in the menu of the SteadyTemp app. You can also email us at

If you have any error messages from the app, please attach a screenshot of the error message to your mail to support. This will make finding a solution to your problem easier.

Of course, you can shower while wearing the patch. The patch is designed in such a way that daily body care is possible.

However, long baths and sauna sessions should be avoided, as the warm environment can reduce the adhesive strength of the patch (as with any other skin patch), which could cause it to peel off prematurely.

Of course, but as with any common bandaid, adhesiveness may be impacted depending on the amount and exposure to sweat/water/heat. Having said that, the tech inside the patch won't be impacted at all.

Because the patch is worn in the same place for several days, slight skin irritations such as itching, burning or redness may occasionally develop. This is due to the adhesive strength of the patch. These skin irritations may still be visible after the patch has been removed. We recommend using a soothing ointment and it should fade after 48 hours.

If the patch feels uncomfortable and symptoms such as prolonged itching or burning sensation develop, please remove it immediately and contact our support via e-mail:

When you remove the patch, we recommend that you gently peel it off your skin, preferably in the shower. This way, your skin will get less irritated.

The sensor inside the SteadyTemp patch uses a battery as an energy source and should therefore be disposed of in a battery recycling box.

Your temperature is not the same everywhere on your body. Therefore, you will measure different temperatures at different locations, which should not be compared with each other. For this reason, there are different standard values for the normal temperature for measurements at the forehead, ear, armpit etc.

Another factor for such measurement differences is the measuring device. Different devices measure your temperature in different ways. Depending on the manufacturer, the accuracy of the thermometer can also vary, which also results in differences in the measured values.

Continuous temperature measurement can detect infections earlier. Continuous measurement allows you to determine your normal temperature. If a significant rise or fall then occurs, you can easily classify it.

The temperature can also be used to detect a woman's ovulation. If you are interested in this topic, take a look at Medicare femSense.

Your body temperature fluctuates by up to 0.9 °F throughout the day. This is perfectly normal. In the morning, your temperature is usually lower than in the late afternoon or evening.

Other natural fluctuations for example occur due to physical activity or due to different phases of the menstrual cycle.

In children, the body temperature often fluctuates more, as they are not yet able to regulate their body temperature properly. They also sweat significantly less and later than adults.

Excessive body hair in the area of the adhesive site can falsify the measurement result and affect the adhesive strength of the patch. However, you should not apply a patch directly after hair removal (shaving, laser, waxing, etc.). After such a procedure your skin is irritated and needs a break (at least 24h) before you can apply the patch. This way you avoid additional irritation.

A change in temperature is one of the first signals of your body that it is fighting an infection. Conventional thermometers only show you the current temperature. The advantage of continuous temperature measurement is that your temperature is measured at a certain interval throughout the day. With the visualization in the app, you can see when your temperature has risen or fallen.

The adhesives of the materials used in the patch are acrylate-based. The adhesives of the materials that come into contact with your skin are latex-free and tested for biocompatibility. The materials on which the adhesives are applied are polyethylene (PE) films or foams and a non-woven fabric.

Despite the greatest care in the choice of materials, local skin irritation may occur in isolated cases. This tends to affect people who are generally more sensitive to plasters.

You can use SteadyTemp even if you are taking medication. However, fever-reducing medications or hormone treatments may affect your temperature and thus reduce the accuracy of SteadyTemp.

Your body temperature fluctuates throughout the day. When you measure your temperature with a conventional thermometer you will only see your body temperature at the time of measurement. SteadyTemp, on the other hand, continuously measures your temperature at specific intervals and displays it in the form of a curve.

With continuous measuring you always know if your temperature is rising or falling. Temperature changes which show that your body is fighting an infection can be reliably detected. This way you always know when you should possibly take a fever-reducing medication or visit your doctor.

The SteadyTemp Patch is made of hypoallergenic materials used in medical wound care. However, some people with very sensitive skin may still react to the patch or the adhesive. Symptoms such as itching, burning, redness or slight skin swelling may occur. In this case please remove the patch and apply a soothing ointment to the area.

If you are unsure whether SteadyTemp is suitable for you, please contact your doctor or get in touch with our technical support at

Vaccinations can trigger immune system reactions. If you are wearing a SteadyTemp patch when you get a vaccination, please watch out for skin reactions. If you experience skin irritation, please remove the patch and apply a soothing ointment to the area.

Depending on your skin type and how sensitive your skin is, there may appear marks where the patch was applied. Similar to other skin patches that are worn for several days, the SteadyTemp patch may leave marks when it is removed. Skin marks can also be caused by friction.

SteadyTemp recommends not applying successive patches to the same side of the body. Make sure the patch's adhesive area is clean and free of creams, deodorants or perfumes to ensure optimal patch adhesion. The materials and adhesives used are also used in hospitals and are safe for more than 90% of users.