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Home Woundcare & Plasters Range

Heal Cuts & Grazes at Home with the Clean, Apply, Cover Method

The Medicare Home Woundcare and Plasters Range

Clean your hands with an alcohol prep pad before attending to the wound.


Apply an alcohol-free prep pad or sterile saline solution wound wash to clean the affected area.


Cover the cut with a sterile dressing or plaster to protect it from infection.

Skin & Wound Cleansing
Fabric Plasters
Waterproof Plasters
Sensitive Plasters
Clear Plasters
Detectable Plasters
Kids Plasters
Cold Sore Plasters
Spray Plasters

Medicare Advanced Wound Care

A Solution for Every Stage of the Wound Healing Process

The Medicare Advanced Woundcare Range

Discover an innovative wound management range which covers all phases of wound healing. Developed especially for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds, our range offers effective, patient friendly solutions for conditions such as: Acute Wounds, Chronic Wounds, Ulcers and Burns.

Surgical Dressings
Silicone Dressings
Foam Dressings
Transparent Dressings
Gauze Products
Non-Adherent Pads
Surgical Tapes
Absorbent Pads
Advanced Wound Closure Strips

Medicare First Aid

Be Rescue Ready with our Range of First Aid Supplies

The Medicare First Aid Range

We offer First Aid Supplies for your local businesses, sports clubs, schools and kits that are ideal for home or travel. We also supply premium products in Plasters, Dressings, Sprays & Scissors.

First Aid Kits
First Aid Supplies
First Aid Bandages
First Aid Dressings
First Aid Scissors
Finger First Aid
Finger and Thumb Stalls
Skin and Wound Cleansing
Cast Protectors
Burn Care
Emergency Eye Wash

Medicare First Aid For Feet

Stay One Step Ahead with our Footcare Range

Medicare Footcare Range

Medicare’s range of quality footcare products incorporate the latest technology to treat ailments that impede on everyday life. Our footcare range can help you stay one step ahead of corns, callouses, bunions, blisters and much more.

Blisters, Bunions and Corns
Wart & Verucca Care
Foot & Toe Protection
Heel Protection and Support
Party Feet Range
Footcare and Pedicure Tools
Compression Stockings
Flight Socks
Foot Creams and Sprays
Fungal Nail

Medicare Home Health

Helping You Take Care and at Home and on the Move

The Medicare Home Health Range

Home Healthcare incorporates many aspects of life that require attention, care and prevention. This category includes ranges such as pill organisers, maternity care, travel items as well as over the counter products.

Pill Boxes and Accessories
Maternity Care
Infant and Childcare
Cotton Wool
Ear, Nose & Eye Care
Diabetic Supplies
Medical Bracelets
General Home Health
Insect Repellent & Relief
Cotton Gloves

Medicare Tapes & Bandages

Secure Dressing Fixation & Compression

Medicare Tapes and Bandages

We offer a wide range of hypoallergenic, adhesive tapes to help meet your daily taping challenges including paper, transparent‚ silk and zinc oxide medical tapes. Our range of bandages offer firm directional support for strains, sprains and minor burns.

Silk Tapes
Paper Tapes
Zinc Oxide Tapes
Transparent Tapes

Medicare Infection Control

Protection You Can Trust

Medicare Infection Control

Our infection control range conforms to European Quality Assurance Standards to ensure effectiveness and safety. The wide range includes gloves, sanitiser, masks and wipes.

Latex Gloves
Nitrile Gloves
Disinfectant Wipes
Face Masks
Hand Sanitiser