Medicare femSense - OTC & Retail Pharmacy Product Awards Finalist

16 February 2023
We’re delighted to announce that Medicare femSense has been selected as a finalist in the OTC & Retail Pharmacy Product Awards. Our ovulation tracker will feature in the Best Pregnancy/Fertility Product category.

There are 22 categories at this year’s OTC & Retail Pharmacy Product Awards. The winners of each category will be announced in April.

Medicare femSense

The Medicare femSense® Ovulation Tracker is an innovative smart patch and app that helps woman detect ovulation during their fertile window. The first-of-its-kind medically certified smart patch continuously measures, records and analyses body temperature data.

Your data is then transferred from the patch to the app when scanned using NFC (contactless). Precise measurements and an intelligent algorithm mean that Medicare femSense® helps detect the tiny increase in body temperature caused by ovulation. The app notifies you of the days you are most likely to get pregnant.

Furthermore, the femSense app will measure and confirm when ovulation has occurred. When compared to other traditional tracking methods, femSense offers benefits such as no more peeing on sticks, being discreet, hormone free and skin friendly. Please note, the patch is not intended for diagnostic or therapeutic use and does not display temperature curves.

Watch our latest Medicare femSense video on Youtube.

For more information on the 2023 OTC Awards including the full entry criteria, please visit the OTC website. Across the categories, the judges are looking for the best demonstration of product performance, innovation, pharmacy impact and the ability to fulfil the criteria.

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