How Pharmacies can Celebrate World Heart Day with Medicare LifeSense

23 September 2021

World Heart Day 2021 takes place on the 29th of September and is the perfect opportunity to encourage your local community to check in with their heart health.

What can pharmacies do to get involved this World Heart Day?

  • Offer free blood pressure readings in-store
  • Provide advice on how to stay heart healthy  
  • Explain how to read blood pressure results

Download our social and in-store assets here to help you promote Free Blood Pressure Checks in your pharmacy. You can also contact us for printed in-store materials like posters and customer blood pressure information leaflets.

Another way of helping your customers get a better picture of their health is with our Medicare LifeSense App and Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure monitors. Using methods such as Connected Health Apps, like the Medicare LifeSense App, encourages maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and promotes Consumer Enabled Health Management which empowers the patient and informs their carers and doctors about their symptoms. To learn more about Connected Health and how it benefits healthcare professionals, visit our recent blog post here.

Medicare LifeSense App
The Medicare LifeSense App allows you to get a complete picture of your health. You can monitor activity, SpO2 (blood oxygen) levels, blood pressure, sleep and weight. You can either track these manually or use one of the Medicare LifeSense Bluetooth Connected products so measurements and readings can be automatically synced with the app. With the Medicare LifeSense App, you can measure, save, track and share your results with your caregiver, doctor or friends.

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