Fleming Medical Launch Team Physiologix

11 October 2023
Fleming Medical is delighted to announce the launch of Team Physiologix. Over the coming months, we are partnering with four amateur athletes as they take on a milestone personal fitness challenge. 

Supporting Local Communities 
Over the past 35 years, Fleming Medical have put local communities first through our partnerships with local pharmacies. Communities have grown to trust and rely on our Medicare, Medicare LifeSense and Physiologix that are available in pharmacies nationwide.

We aim to further strengthen this trust with local communities and pharmacies through the launch of Team Physiologix. The campaign welcomes a new era of our partnership that will see local athletes use our Physiologix sports supports and sport therapy products to ensure they achieve their personal fitness challenges safely and successfully.

“As a family business we understand the importance of being a leader in the community. With the help of our four aspiring athletes, we hope that the launch of Team Physiologix will encourage both amateur and professional athletes across Ireland to focus more on injury prevention and recovery.” – Mia Fleming, Commercial Marketing Manager.

Promoting Injury Recovery & Prevention 
Research conducted in 2022, has shown that “72 percent of Irish people who regularly participate in sport have sustained an injury”. (Sport for Business, 2022)

Team Physiologix aims to address these startling statistics by emphasising effective injury recovery and prevention. Our four amateur athletes will demonstrate how to use our vast range of Physiologix sport therapy solutions and document their journeys on social media.

Introducing Our Local Athletes 

Niamh McNamara
Instagram - @Niamhs_life_

“I have started taking my fitness journey seriously in January 2023 by signing up for my first ever 10K race. I committed myself to a 17-week training plan ahead of the race where I was running 3 times a week as well as strength training to support my goals. I also completed two 60- & 85-day wellness & fitness challenges alongside this training and kept myself accountable by tracking it on my social media accounts. My current goals are to complete the hybrid mental toughness & fitness challenge of 75 Hard as well as achieving a personal best in my next 10K race in October.”

James Quinn
Instagram - @kkjimmy90runs

“I am an enthusiastic runner who found solace in the sport amidst the Covid pandemic. Over the past two years, I have conquered three marathons, reducing my time from 3 hours and 26 minutes to 3 hours flat. I recently secured a commendable third place finish in the Kilkee half marathon. My sights are set on the Dublin marathon, my immediate objective is to break the coveted 3-hour barrier. Looking further ahead, I aspire to participate in as many of the renowned world majors as possible”.

Lisa McGrath
Instagram - @_lisaruns_

“Hi, I’m Lisa. I have been running for about six years now and I am part of my local running club. I take part in road races and cross-country races from 5km to marathon distance. My greatest achievement is completing the Limerick Marathon in April, and I am now working towards the Dublin Marathon in October. My dream race is the London Marathon!

Karl Fitzmaurice
Instagram - @karlfitz55

“Hi, my name is Karl. I got into running when I was 16 years old. I really got into running in school when I realized we got days off to go to races. I was so motivated with getting days off school that I won 9 national titles from under 20 to under 23. This earned me a scholarship to run in college in Louisiana. I picked up a serious hip injury while in Louisiana so now I am trying to return to my previous level of training while enjoying myself. My short-term goal now is to run 2:38 for the Dublin Marathon.”

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