One Step Ahead: Get your Feet Summer Ready

19 April 2022
One Step Ahead: Get your Feet Summer Ready
Our feet can easily get neglected, especially in the winter months and the cold weather can make them look and feel dry, cracked, and tired.
Try following Medicare's 3 simple steps to healthy feet - the 3 R's; Remove, Repair, Recover and look at some ways to rejuvenate your feet so you are One Step Ahead this summer.

The Importance of Footcare:

Our feet make up 25% of the body's bones and the skin on the soles of our feet is four times thicker than anywhere else on the body. It's important to protect our feet as damage can be debilitating and impact our everyday lives. Neglecting the feet can lead to unwanted infections and conditions such as fungal nail infections, athlete's foot, blisters, corns, calluses, and ingrown toenails. Forming a regular footcare routine can prevent these problems and get your feet summer ready for summer 2022. Follow this simple step-by-step guide to get your feet looking picture perfect. Remember to always sterilise your tools before using them.

Step one to getting those soft, summer-ready feet is to remove any excess dead skin and build-up. Check out the Medicare manicure and pedicure tools which have everything you will need from foot files to cuticle clippers to help maintain clean and healthy hands and feet.

Tips for skin removal:

  • Exfoliate dead skin with a good foot scrub
  • Use a foot file or pumice stone for hardened, tough skin, corns and calluses
  • Bathe feet in warm water prior to nail trimming 
  • Trim nails using clippers - ensure to cut straight across to prevent ingrown toenails

With the right guidance and products, feet can be treated to look and feel healthier and softer. Ingrown toenails are a common and painful condition where the corner or side of a toenail grows into the skin. This can result in redness, swelling and even infection. It is crucial to regularly clip your toenails and ensure you are cutting straight across. If you are someone who suffers from infections such as fungal nail or Athlete's foot, our fungal nail blog post has everything you need to know from preventative methods to treatment advice, and top tips to target and repair infection. Blisters can form on the feet caused by friction from tight or new shoes. They can be treated effectively with Medicare Blister Plasters with Hydrocolloid technology. Click here to read more on some FAQs about blisters and the benefits of hydrocolloid technology.

Recovery is important for soothing the skin after a period of harsh exfoliation. Following up with a good foot cream will give your feet that TLC they need. The Medicare Foot Care Creamis perfect for daily use and helps prevent callouses and cracked heels. Suffering from varicose or spider veins? The Medicare Foot Care Active Gel with Horse Chestnut extract helps rejuvenate tired legs while revitalising the skin and targeting the veins for a lessened appearance.

Top Tips:

Avoid moisturising the nail beds as this is the area that when moist, can lead to infection.

Try moisturising your feet every day to keep feet feeling hydrated and soft.

Alternate between  shoes to give them a chance to air out, preventing fungus.