A Complete Guide: Our Advanced Range

01 February 2024
Find out how our Physiologix Advanced range can support you through your injury recovery and aid injury prevention.

Physiologix Advanced Range

Our Physiologix Advanced Range provides moderate support and focussed hexagonal cell matrix compression which aids in injury recovery and prevention. It uses Trilastic 3D fabric technology to facilitate a comfortable and ergonomic fit.

Our Features

  • Hexagonal cell matrix for targeted compression
  • Silicone beading for placement retention
  • Easy-to-Use & Comfortable.
  • Integrated pull tabs for ease of fit
  • Targeted Compression.
  • Suitable for All-Day Wear
  • Lightweight.
  • 3D Fabric technology

Our Benefits

Targeted Compression
Our Physiologix Advanced ranged uses Hexagonal Cell Matrix. This technique enhances targeted compression to ensure stability and strength. Targeted compression can help maximise recovery and rehabilitation in key areas.

All-Day Comfort
We incorporate the finest breathable material and 3D Trilastic fabric technology that offers an optimal level of compression while also allowing air to circulate. This ensures your skin is well ventilated which allows Physiologix Advanced range supports to be worn throughout the day.

Injury Recovery
Strength and stability are just some of the qualities offered by Physiologix Advanced supports to aid the recovery of injured muscles and joints. The presence of these qualities promotes effective healing and recovery. They can also minimise the symptoms of your injury.

Reduce Inflammation & Swelling
Inflammation is your body’s natural reaction when an injury occurs. It can cause a lot of pain and discomfort to athletes. Our Advanced range provides optimal level compression and stability to the affected area which helps prevent the build-up of fluid.

Types of Physiologix Advanced Supports

Discover our range of Physiologix Advanced Supports.
Physiologix Advanced Elbow Sports Support
Physiologix Advanced Wrist Sports Support
Physiologix Advanced Knee Sports Support
Physiologix Advanced Ankle Sports Support

Medical Advice

Consult your GP or medical professionals before using Physiologix Advanced sports support. We also advice that you educate yourself on your injury or condition to ensure you are receiving the best care and treatment.  

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