New Product: Medicare femSense Ovulation Tracker

12 April 2022
Medicare femSense Ovulation Tracker - We're ready when you are
We are delighted to announce that we have added a new diagnostic product to our range. Medicare femSense is an ovulation tracker that predicts your fertile window and measures and confirms ovulation thanks to the smart temperature patch and app.

Medicare femSense app and patch
Medicare femSense phone scanning patch

Based on the well-known temperature method, Medicare femSense temperature patch measure your body temperature 24/7 during your fertile window, the algorithm interprets the measurements, and the app gives you daily updates on your fertility status. Unlike other ovulation tests which can only predict ovulation, Medicare femSense can predict your fertile window and then measure and confirm that ovulation has occurred.

 No more peeing on sticks

 Discreet & comfortable

  24/7 temperature measurement

The Medicare femSense App

The Medicare femSense app not only guides you every step of the way through your cycle, keeping you informed on your fertility status, it also functions as a cycle diary, allowing you to keep a record of many other aspects of your cycle and lifestyle.

Watch for patterns in the statistics. How long is my cycle or period? Do I always get headaches or hunger attacks before my period?

Make Notes: add your own personal observations, adding any details relevant to your cycle.

We will accompany you week by week as your pregnancy progresses. See how both you and your baby will develop and what changes to expect.

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