Be Rescue Ready: Home First Aid Kit Refills

07 December 2022
It’s that time of year again when we eagerly make our way to the attic or spare room to dust off the Christmas decorations and awaken them from their cheerless hibernation. But as you stand there scratching your head wondering where you put the nativity figurines or how you attached the Christmas lights to the gutter last year, there is something you must first consider, health and safety.

Decorating your home comes with varying degrees of risks. In order to alleviate these risks, you must first consider how to prevent them and know what to do when an emergency occurs. Be rescue ready this Christmas with a fully stocked Medicare First Aid kit.

Check Your First Aid Kit

Before heading to your local pharmacy, inspect your first aid kit. Examine both the contents and condition of the storage case. An inspection must be a comprehensive and thorough check that ensures your first aid kit is fit for purpose, well equipped and ready to be used when needed.

Check Storage Case
Firstly, you must check the condition of the storage case. Kits age overtime which causes zips, handles and fabrics to deteriorate. The storage case is an important component of the kit as it safely stores your first aid supplies while keeping them clean and dry.

It is also important to consider the size of your first aid kit. If you have a first aid kit suitable for personal use but have since added to your family maybe it’s time to consider upgrading to a larger first aid kit.

Inspect Contents
Now it’s time to check the contents of your first aid kit. Take note of what is missing or has been used. It’s common for first aid supplies to be used and not replaced. If you are unsure of what is missing, a sticker of the contents should be positioned on the outside of the kit or else printed on a flyer inside.

Check the expiration dates of your first aid supplies. Elements such as adhesives on plasters and ingredients of eye wash lose their effectiveness over time. This registers them unfit for use and must be replaced. Using expired first aid supplies is not recommended.  

Make sure to examine boxes and their contents. These may be empty or contain waste wrapping. Some boxes will also be limited in stock, and it may be a good idea to purchase a new supply to replenish stock levels.

Download our Home First Aid checklist. Our checklist is interactive connects you with our first aid range and gives you access to helpful product information.

Visit Your Local Pharmacy

Our Medicare first aid supplies are stocked in pharmacies across Ireland & the UK. So, when it’s time to refill and restock your first aid kit you are never far from our trusted Medicare brand.

Find your local pharmacy that stocks our Medicare first aid range here 

We stock the highest quality first aid kits and products. From bandages and burn gel to emergency blankets and gloves, we've got everything you need to ensure you are rescue ready.

Explore our Medicare range and find the best products to suit the needs of your family, friends, and colleagues.

Explore The Latest Products

Consider updating your first aid kit with the latest products on the market. We are always innovating our Medicare first aid supplies to ensure you have the best solutions available.
Medicare Saline Solution

Medicare Sterile Saline Solution
Medicare Sterile Saline Solution is perfect for rinsing and cleansing away dust and dirt from wounds and eyes. The spray physically removes foreign bodies, blood, reduces pathogens and dead tissue whilst also moistening the tissue in the process which contributes to wound healing. Bag-on-valve technology allows you to use every last drop with a longer shelf life.

Medicare Spray Plaster

Medicare Spray Plaster
We’ve improved our Medicare Spray Plaster by increasing the canister size to 70ml. Our Medicare Spray Plaster protects minor cuts and grazes from water and dirt by creating a transparent, breathable film on the skin. It is ideal for hard to cover areas like elbows, knuckles, toes and knees. The Spray Plaster allows you to see how the cut is healing and gradually disappears as the wound heals.

Medicare Kids Plasters

Medicare Kids Plasters
When our kids suffer a cut or a scrape you can cheer them up and ease the pain with our range of colourful Medicare Kids Plasters. Help put a smile back on their face with our new and exciting range of colours and designs. We have lots of variety to suit all children. Our plasters are hypoallergenic, waterproof and have a non-adherent wood pad meaning you can trust them to keep the wound clean and protected while it heals.

Organise Your First Aid Kit

We are all guilty of buying something and leaving it in the shopping bag. However, when it comes to your first aid kit, it is best to break that bad habit and restock your kit immediately.

When you are re-stocking your first aid ensure you arrange everything neatly, don’t overload the kit and familiarise yourself with all the products. To familiarise yourself with the contents of your first aid kit please read the instructions carefully or seek advice from your pharmacist or healthcare professional. Understanding your first aid supplies and how they are used ensures you are rescue ready when an emergency occurs.

Did you know? Every Medicare First Aid includes a useful and easy-to-read first aid guide.

Make Your First Kit Accessible

Where you locate your first aid kit is very important. Please ensure your first aid kit is easily accessible and visible. This means that when an emergency occurs, your family, friends and colleagues will be able to easily access and reach your first aid kit.