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27 January 2023

Are you taking your medication as prescribed? Avoid medication non-adherence with our Medicare pill box range. Pill boxes are a great assistance tool to help you organise your medication, vitamins and supplements. Medicare Pill Boxes are easily accessible, versatile, and convenient.

What is Medication Non-Adherence?

Medication non-adherence is a term used to describe a patient that is not taking their medication as prescribed.  Medication non-adherence and mismanagement are problems that impact the quality of patient care. The consequences of which can have negative effects on patients’ health and the healthcare system.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has reported that 50% of patients who are on long-term medication do not take it as prescribed.
Within the EU, it is estimated that medication non-adherence is associated with almost 200,000 deaths annually.

Causes of Medication Non-Adherence

According to the Health Research Board (NRB), ‘forgetfulness’ is one of the main reasons patients report for failing to take their medication. This amounted to 71% of the collected responses. Of the patients who sometimes forget to take their medication, 64% forget it once or more often throughout the course of a week.
Furthermore, when carers were surveyed, 52% of them said that the person they care for regularly forgets to take their medication.

Consequences of Medication Non-Adherence

  • Increased hospitalization
  • Poor health outcomes
  • Increased costs
  • Decreased quality of life
  • Patient death

Our Solution – Medicare Pill Box Range

Our Medicare Pill Box range includes a wide and varied selection of pill boxes for every need. Our pill boxes are suitable for patients on a daily/weekly prescription and also for individuals supporting a healthy balanced lifestyle with vitamins and supplements.

HRB’s survey also uncovered that 76% of participants claimed to have no method to help monitor the usage of their medications. Of the 24% of patients who did use an intervention/assistance method to help remember their medication, most used a pillbox.

Benefits of Using a Pill Box

Organise & Schedule
Pill boxes help you separate and divide out your daily and weekly medication. We understand that some medications are taken on different days. With our Medicare pill box range you can to pre-fill and schedule your medication for up to a 7-day week.

Pill boxes store your medication and vitamins in one convenient location. This makes them ideal for travel in a handbag or suitcase. Medicare pill boxes come in varied sizes to suit all storage requirements.

Easily Accessible
Avoid tediously opening multiple medicine bottle every day. Furthermore, child-proof medicine bottles can be difficult to open especially for patients with conditions such as arthritis. Medicare pill boxes feature an "easy-click" opening and closing mechanism for each compartment that include raised letters and Braille markings for the visually-impaired.

Explore our range of Medicare pill boxes and find the best one to suit your needs. Click on each product for more information.
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