Fleming Medical Partner with WALK to Support Ukraine

29 June 2023

As the conflict in Ukraine continues, the country’s need for resources to sustain their healthcare system heightens. To help meet Ukraine’s need and to show our support, Fleming Medical have donated €43,000 worth of medical equipment and supplies.

Our Donation
The donation includes a vast selection of products including 600 emergency delivery sets, first aid supplies and cauterisation sets, heat therapy packs and ice packs. These supplies will support Ukraine’s healthcare system and particularly those with a disability.

Partnership with WALK
Fleming Medical were delighted to partner with the charity, WALK, to make this donation possible. WALK is a progressive community and voluntary organisation based in Dublin and Louth.

Since the war started in Ukraine, WALK have been working with a Ukrainian disability charity to help support people with disabilities and all their families who are being affected. Inspired by the determination of WALK, Fleming Medical were delighted to show their support with a donation of medical equipment and supplies.

Humanitarian Crisis 
War is causing an ever-going humanitarian disaster. In the case of Ukraine’s healthcare system, the on-going conflict is putting extreme pressure on the limited infrastructure that remains.
During humanitarian emergencies, people with disabilities are among the most vulnerable groups because of their high levels of dependency and limited physical capabilities compared with the general population. According to the European disability forum, there are approximately 2.7 million people with disabilities in Ukraine. 
Most of these individuals have not got the capability to reach the borders and for them there is no escape.

For this reason and many others, Fleming Medical believes that it is imperative that companies with the resources and supplies should show their support for those in need during this difficult period for the people of Ukraine. A donation of medical supplies and equipment can stabilize a perilous situation as well as help the country support its healthcare system.

Show Your Support
WALK is planning another trip to Ukraine in late September. We would encourage everyone to get involved and to donate anything they can. In this time of suffering we must come together and support those in need.

Support WALK