Embrace Patient Empowerment with Medicare LifeSense

01 December 2022
Medicare LifeSense Connected Health Devices

Take control of your health and embrace patient empowerment with Medicare LifeSense. Our range of Connected Health devices accompanied with our free LifeSense app are making it easier for patients, athletes, and individuals alike to monitor their physical health and symptoms. Find out about our trusted range of Connected Health devices, our easy-to-use free LifeSense app and their helpful features.

Choose Your Devices 

Connected Health devices give us the ability to better understand our physical condition and make better decisions that benefit our overall health.
Our growing range of Connected Health devices will help you monitor your activity, SpO2 (blood oxygen) levels, blood pressure, BMI, muscle mass and weight. Bluetooth-enabled devices sync automatically with our free LifeSense app and securely stores your data.

Explore Our Range of Connected Products

Medicare LifeSense Pulse Oximeter

Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter
The Medicare LifeSense Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter is an easy to use, non-invasive and completely painless Sp02 test which gives you quick and accurate results within 10 seconds. The purpose of our Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter is to measure SpO2 levels. The Bluetooth feature allows you to link the device to our Medicare LifeSense App.
Medicare LifeSense A2 Plus Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor

A2 Plus Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor
The Medicare LifeSense A2 Plus Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor is easy to use, lightweight and portable, making it convenient to check your blood pressure from the comfort of your own home. It uses a comfortable upper arm cuff and presents your systolic, diastolic and pulse rate results on the easy-to-read digital display.
Medicare LifeSense A7 Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor

A7 Bluetooth A7 Blood Pressure Monitor
Our lightweight Bluetooth A7 upper arm blood pressure monitors are designed to connect with the Medicare Lifesense health status monitoring app so you can effortlessly monitor your blood pressure from the comfort of your own home. The extra-large backlit screen combined with large text and buttons, make this blood pressure monitor the ideal choice for people with poor eyesight.
Medicare LifeSense Body Analysis Scales

Body Analysis LifeSense
The Medicare Lifesense Body Analysis Scales presents a complete view of your health by providing high accuracy weight and body fat measurements as well as your Body Mass Index, Body water, Muscle and Bone Mass.

Connect to Our Free Medicare LifeSense App

Connecting your device to the Medicare LifeSense app allows you to manage all your measurement and readings in one convenient location. Our app helps you take control of your health from home. You can track your progress over time and monitor the symptoms of your conditions.

Our Medicare LifeSense app syncs with your devices via Bluetooth and calculates your readings automatically which transforms them in easy-to-read graphs and charts. For devices that are not Bluetooth-enabled you can simply enter the data manually.

Available to download for free on Google Play & Apple Store

Medicare LifeSense App Tips & Features

You can share your readings with your doctor, caregiver, and friends anytime, anywhere. Data can even be shared via email.

Create a free account and log into your Online Portal where you’ll be able to give GP, carer or healthcare provider access to your readings. There is no limit to the number of people you can allow access to your information. But don’t worry, your personal readings from your connected health devices are safe and protected.

Sharing your information with your healthcare professional is so important as it may be used to make a quicker diagnosis. Graphs and charts give a fantastic insight into your health over a period of time which allows you to analysis the progression of your health.
Medicare LifeSense App

Our lives can get busy and because of this we can forget about our responsibilities to care for our own health and wellbeing.

When it comes to taking medication, it is important that it is taken as prescribed by your doctor. This means following the specific instruction on how and when to take your medication.

Our Medicare Lifesense App Reminder feature helps you manage your medication. You can even set reminders that will notify you when it’s time to take a measurement on your connected health device.  Our reminder feature keeps you on track and ontime.
Medicare LifeSense

Benefits of Medicare LifeSense 

Using Connected Health apps, such as our free Medicare LifeSense app, encourages maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and promotes Consumer Enabled Health Management which empowers the patient and informs their carers and doctors about their symptoms.

For more information on Connected Health, Medicare LifeSense products and our free app, please contact us. You can also follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date with healthcare trends like Connected Health.

Please be advised that connected health devices are not a substitute for medical help, please ensure to stay on medications as prescribed by your doctor and seek medical advice should you need it.