Be Rescue Ready: Christmas First Aid Essentials

19 December 2023
With Christmas just around the corner, make sure your home is rescue ready with a trusted Medicare first aid kit.

Common Christmas Injuries

Burns & Scalds
Preparing Christmas dinner presents many dangers. The busy kitchen coupled with the associated with risks of cooking the perfect Christmas dinner can lead to a greater risk of experiencing burns and scalds.

Burns and scalds are common injuries which, if only mild, can be easily treated at home.

Cuts & Grazes
Whether you’re opening or wrapping Christmas, accidents can always happen and it’s essential to tend to them immediately.

Did you know that common cuts and lacerations can have up to a 30% chance of infection. Signs of infection include redness around the cut, yellow or green coloured or cloudy wound drainage, increased swelling and tenderness or pain around the cut.

If you sustain a cut or graze during the festive period use our simple 3-step process, Clean, Apply, Cover, to help you provide care to minor injuries and prevent infection.

Sprains & Strains
Tripping over cables from Christmas lights is just one example of how easy it is to sustain an injury during festive period. Sprains and strains can cause mild to severe pain but can generally be treated at home.

Remembering the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate) method is essential when you experience a sprain or strain. These steps will help you to make a full recovery and avoid any further damage.

Our Medicare Range

Explore our Medicare range to ensure you have everything you need to be rescue ready in the event of Christmas emergency. We recommend that you consider updating your first aid kit with additional supplies. This will allow you to provide the best treatment possible to minor injuries such as burns, cuts and scrapes.

Our Medicare range includes advanced wound care dressings and innovative first aid supplies to enhance your home first aid kit.
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Our Medicare First Aid supplies are stocked in 4,000 pharmacies across Ireland & the UK. So, when it’s time to refill and restock your First Aid kit you are never far from our trusted Medicare brand.

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