Budget 2023: Zero % VAT Rate on AEDs

05 October 2022
0% VAT on AEDs 
One of the headline measures introduced in the 2023 Budget, the removal of VAT on AEDs, or defibrillators, will help to save lives in communities all over Ireland.

As it stands, community organisations, sports clubs, schools and businesses must pay 23% VAT when they purchase these life-saving machines. However, these rules will change as the VAT rate is set to be removed come the 1st of January. This represents a 23% saving that will benefit all AED customers.  

“After much negotiation it is now possible for member states to apply a zero rate and I am happy to announce that I will apply this rate to these life-saving devices from 1 January.” –  Minister for Finance, Paschal Donohoe.

The importance of having an AED closely available in the workplace, in sports facilities and in community settings cannot be stressed enough.  

CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) must be performed on a cardiac arrest sufferer to re-establish blood flow to the brain and heart. A defibrillator (AED) must be used deliver an electrical shock to stop irregular heartbeats and assist in restoring the heart's natural rhythm. Quick thinking is essential because the victim's likelihood of survival doubles if bystander CPR is performed successfully immediately after cardiac arrest. The chance of survival while waiting for help to arrive is only 5% for victims. That likelihood of survival increases to 60% if bystanders step in, perform CPR, and use an AED device.  

Fleming Medical are a leading AED supplier in Ireland. Our medical equipment is backed by aftercare and maintenance from our dedicated service team. We offer loan and replacement defibrillator throughout the defibrillator service process to ensure you always have a life-saving AED on-site and on standby.  

“We welcome the decision to remove 23% VAT on AEDs, which will make these lifesaving devices more readily accessible to the communities and organisations that need them.” – Rachel O’Callaghan, Healthcare Commercial Manager, Fleming Medical.  

Fleming Medical also provides AED training equipment and CPD-Certified Basic Life Support training which will teach you everything you need to know about how to recognise a cardiac arrest and act accordingly to save a life.

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