Be Prepared for Cold & Flu Season

19 October 2022

It’s that time of year again where we all become susceptible to catching colds and flus. Colds are flus are caused by different viruses and can be picked up so easily from family, friends, colleagues, surfaces you name it!

The unfortunate news is that we can’t see the germs that result in us catching colds and flus which makes avoiding them very difficult. But the good news is that you can protect yourself this season with our trusted and certified products from our Medicare range. So, check that your medicine cabinets and kits are fully stocked to ensure you are prepared for cold and flu season.

Let’s take a look at the Medicare range in two simple categories, Person to Person Contact & Surface Contact.

Person to Person Contact

Person to person contact such as shaking hands and hugging allows for germs to be spread directly. Keep in mind that germs can also be spread from people standing as far as 6 feet away from you. The following products from our Medicare range will help slow the spread of cold and flu causing germs.
Hand Sanitiser
Medicare Hand Sanitiser ( 100ml & 500ml)

Tried, tested & trusted sanitiser that kills 99.9% germs. Medicare Hand Sanitiser is a waterless, alcohol-based sanitising gel that is specially formulated to promote skin health and reduce the spread of infections. It has a 70% concentration of alcohol.

Hand Sanitiser Spray
Medicare Skin Sanitiser Spray

Medicare Skin Sanitizer Spray is an alcohol-based skin sanitizer for protecting hands. It is a waterless, alcohol-based sanitizing spray that is specially formulated to reduce the spread of infections. It has a 66% concertation of alcohol. Our spray is fast drying, non-sticky & rinse free.

Face Mask 3 Ply

Medicare PPE Disposable 3ply Face Mask 

Medicare's disposable 3-Ply PPE face masks deliver the right balance between comfort and protection. These lightweight breathable face masks cover the nose and mouth in order to minimize the incidence of cross-infection. Provides excellent respiratory protection, highly fluid resistant and gentle to skin.

Surface Contact

Germs can live on surfaces such as desks, keyboards and door handles for 24 hours. This makes it necessary to ensure surfaces are cleaned regularly to reduce the spread of colds and flus. Our range of Medipal Alcohol wipes will help kill germs and keep surfaces clean.

Medipal Alcohol Wipes

Medipal Alcohol Wipes

Medipal Alcohol Wipes kill 99% of germs, viruses, fungi and other micro-organisms effectively and easily. The wipes are impregnated with 70% w/w isopropyl alcohol solution. These wipes are a convenient multi-tasking cleaning solution.

Managing Your Symptoms

While it is so important to take preventative action to avoid catching a cold or flu, it is just as important to know the symptoms.
Cold and Flu Symptoms
If you do come down with a cold or flu, it essential to drink plenty fluids, maintain a healthy diet and get plenty rest. If you are struggling with your symptoms or need help managing them, your local pharmacy will be able to help. Our Medicare range of products are available in pharmacies nationwide to help relieve your symptoms.
Medicare Sterile Saline Solution

Medicare Saline Solution
Medicare Sterile Saline Solution is perfect for rinsing and cleansing away dust and dirt from wounds and eyes. The spray physically removes foreign bodies, blood, reduces pathogens and dead tissue whilst also moistening the tissue in the process which contributes to wound healing.

Medicare Nasal Rinse Kit
Medicare Saline Nasal Rince Kit
Medicare Nasal and Sinus Rinse Kit is perfect for sinus & allergy relief. Suitable for use for postnasal drip, cold & flu, nasal dryness or irritation. The kit includes an anti-bacterial tip for gentle and effective large volume, low pressure rinse.

Other Top Tips for Cold & Flu Prevention:

  • Wash your hands
  • Get your flu vaccine each year if recommended by your healthcare professional.
  • Minimise touching your face
  • Get enough sleep & rest
  • Limit stress 

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