Be Rescue Ready: Back to School First Aid

28 August 2023
Start the new school year off on the right step with our range of Medicare first aid kits and supplies. Be rescue ready when an injury occurs on the school yard or in the classroom. 

Download our Back to School First Aid Checklist. Our checklist will help you ensure that your classroom is fully stocked with all your first aid essentials.

Our Medicare Range

Explore our Medicare range to ensure you have everything you need to be rescue ready in the event of an emergency. The benefit of updating your first aid kit with additional supplies allows you to provide the best treatment possible to minor injuries such as cuts and scrapes. Our Medicare range includes advanced wound care dressings and innovative first aid supplies to enhance your home first aid kit.
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First Aid Kit Management

It’s common for first aid supplies not to be replaced once they’ve been used. Medicare First Aid kitshave a sticker positioned on the outside of the kit outlining the contents. This will guide you to ensure you have everything you need for your first aid kit.

It is important to check the expiration dates of your first aid supplies. Elements such as adhesives on plasters and ingredients of eye wash lose their effectiveness over time. This registers them unfit for use and must be replaced. Using expired first aid supplies is not recommended. Make sure to examine boxes and their contents. These may be empty or contain waste wrapping. Some boxes will also be limited in stock, and it may be a good idea to purchase a new supply to replenish stock levels.