Competition | Active School Week 2024

29 April 2024
Active School Week 2024 class=
We are running an exciting competition to celebrate Active School Week 2024. Our competition is free-to-enter and open to all primary schools across the Republic of Ireland.

Importance of Active School Week

Active School Week encourages schools to embrace inclusive physical activity for every member of the school community. It is also a great way to make students and their families more aware of the physical activity opportunities available to them in their local communities.

Schools across Ireland are organising special events and fun activities to celebrate the Active School Week 2024.

How to Enter

Entry is very simple. All you must do is nominate your school by filling out the form on our designated Active School Week competition page here.

Make sure to tell your teachers, friends, and family to nominate your school.

The Winning Prize

All nominated schools will be entered into a draw to win a Medicare Physiologix First Aid Sports Kits and a Medicare Sports Warm Up Kit for your school.

Medicare Physiologix First Aid Sports Kit
Our Medicare Physiologix First Aid Sports Kits are the perfect addition for your school. They are packed with all the necessary first aid supplies to deal with any minor cuts and scrapes on and off the playground. Medicare First Aid Kits have the capacity to support all school staff and pupils.

Medicare Warm Up Kit
The Medicare Sports Warm-Up Kit contains all the accessories you need for pre and post work out exercises. The kit’s contents are designed to improve your mobility, flexibility and to also aid muscle activation. With the durable and compact carry bag, you can store all the items in one place.

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