Recover Like A Pro: 5 Benefits of Kinesiology Tape

23 June 2023

Physiologix kinesiology tape is a versatile sports therapy solution that provides effective support and stability without restricting movement. Professional and amateur athletes are using kinesiology tape to support their injury recovery and prevention.

Kinesiology Tape Explained

Physiologix kinesiology tape consists of a combination of elastic, cotton, and latex-free fibres which create adhesive properties. These materials make the tape flexible, breathable, and water-resistant. This allows for long-lasting, comfortable use that doesn’t restrict movement.

Kinesiology tape mimics the thickness and elasticity of the outer layer of the skin. The pressure provided by the tape offers support to the joints and muscles. Physiologix kinesiology tape stands out from other sports tapes as it does not impede or inhibit movement. Furthermore, kinesiology improves blood circulation which can aid pain relief and reduce swelling.

5 Benefits of Kinesiology

1. Support
People often assume that kinesiology tape will limit the ability of their joints and muscles to move. This couldn’t be further from the true. Kinesiology tape provides additional support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting movement which means you can stay active. 

2. Pain Relief
One of the primary functions of kinesiology tape is to relieve painWhen the tape is applied to the affected area, it helps to disrupt pain receptors. Kinesiology tape can also help decrease painful muscle spasms that can occur after injury.  

3. Reduces Risk of Injury
Applying kinesiology tape can reduce the risk of injury by supporting muscles. This is particularly beneficial for fatigued muscles that are at a greater risk of injury.

4. Muscle Recovery
Muscle recovery is enhanced with the help of kinesiology tape. The tape increases blood flow to the affected area which leads to a faster recovery.

5. Reduce Swelling
Swelling often occurs after an injury or surgery. Kinesiology tape can help reduce swelling by relieving pressure between the skin and underlying tissue. The presence of kinesiology tape allows fluid to disperse and move through the body’s lymphatic systems.

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