Coronavirus Terms Explained

17 April 2020
Covid-19 Terms Explained

It is with major importance that all guidelines provided by government and health organisations are practised by all individuals. It is the only way we will be able to slow the spread of the virus and ultimately save lives.

We have gathered some of the key terms from different health organisations like the  WHOHSE  and NHS  to try and simplify the different pieces of advice.

Slow The Spread
Slowing the spread of COVID-19 is achievable once everyone works together and all individuals take full responsibility for their actions. If any individual has any symptoms of COVID-19 it is a must to self-isolate (see explanation below) for 14 days. It is advised that high-risk groups should avoid contact with people outside their home.  Grandparents should isolate themselves from family and grandchildren. To repeatedly keep washing hands and sanitising surfaces and practising personal protective hygiene is major in stopping the spread.

Social Distancing
All individuals must oblige to the practice of social distancing. This entails cutting unnecessary social contact with friends, family and others around you. It implies that crowded areas should be avoided, and it is required by government guidelines that there are 2 meters kept between all individuals. This is most important when queuing in shops or when encountering anyone in public.

Individuals must know when to self-quarantine. It’s essential to self-quarantine if  one individual has been in contact with one who has  a confirmed case of the virus or  who has been travelling abroad in a country infected by the virus. The purpose of self-quarantine is to stop others who are around you from being contaminated with COVID-19.     

Self-isolation is required if you have symptoms of  the Coronavirus, before you get tested for coronavirus, while you wait for test results and if you have had a positive test result for coronavirus

It’s vital that these individuals cut complete contact with people around them.  However, it is important during self-isolation to keep social contact for your mental health, technology like video calls can be used to keep this contact with friends and family.

It is crucial that the information you receive, and share comes from a reliable and authoritative source. There is a lot of misinformation circulating the internet that causes great stress and anxiety within people. It is important to always check the source where the information came from in order to stop the spread of rumours.

During this challenging time, it's also important that we all take care of ourselves and one another. Everyone needs to try to keep a daily routine, gets fresh air, maintain a healthy diet and get 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day.

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