The 12 Injuries of Christmas - Head Injury

13 December 2019

Head injuries can occur in many instances over the holiday period such as slipping on a wet kitchen floor or a child’s toy.

How to treat a head injury
If there’s a bump on the head, the most effective way to treat it is with a cold compress or an ice pack to help reduce the swelling. However, this isn’t the most vital part of the first aid.

With head injuries, monitoring the casualty is paramount. We’re looking for certain signs and symptoms that show us the injury may be getting worse. Are they particularly drowsy? Are they acting out of sorts, maybe not quite themselves? Are they throwing up and complaining of a headache that won’t shift?

If any of these symptoms are present, they need to get them to a hospital. If they’re deteriorating quickly, call 999. Otherwise, you can take them to A&E if you’re worried at any point – it is better to go and find out nothings wrong rather than not go and realise they have a serious injury.