The 12 Injuries of Christmas - Fractures & Breaks

11 December 2019

The icy weather around the festive period can lend itself to may slips and falls that can lead to painful fractures or worse even breaks.

Depending on the injury, we may not know straight away that it’s broken. You don’t need us to tell you that if there’s a bone coming through the skin, it’s pretty obvious but it may not be quite that clear.

How to treat a fracture/break
It may start to swell and become bruised which looks similar to a sprain. Usually, we can tell due to how the injury happened. Impact on an area may be more likely to be a break whereas a sudden, unusual movement i.e. twisting is more likely to be a sprain.

Treatment is simple. Keep the injured area still and supported comfortably and take a trip to A&E. Minimal movement is important regardless of where on the body this is. However, a broken leg may require an ambulance whereas a broken wrist may not.