Be Rescue Ready: What Essentials do you need in your Sports First Aid Kit?

17 February 2022
Be Rescue Ready: Medicare Physiologix Sports First Aid Kits
No matter what sport you play, injuries are an inevitable part of the game and can strike when you are least expecting it. Accidents cannot always be prevented but being prepared for one is the next best alternative. 
Preparation and prompt treatment of an injury is the key to fast and efficient recovery. Our Medicare First Aid Sports Kits are fully stocked with all the essentials you need to treat any minor injury on or off the playing field/court to keep your players performing at their best.


Having a well-stocked first aid kit is essential for treating acute injuries such as dislocations, knee injuries, sprains, and fractures. It will provide the ultimate protection and prevent the injury from worsening or from any further damage. Our waterproof run-on kits contain everything you will need from bandages and dressings to ice packs and saline solution to help with any minor injuries and inconveniences you may face.

The Medicare Physiologix First Aid Sports Training Kit is a waterproof run-on bag featuring one main compartment with front, top and side pockets for handy storage containing the below products:
Medicare Physiologix First Aid Sports Training Kit
The Medicare Physiologix First Aid Sports Kit is a larger gear bag with one main compartment, front and side pockets and a water bottle holder. It contains more of what the First Aid Sports Training Kit has with a few added extras to account for every type of acute injury:
Medicare Physiologix First Aid Sports KitGET INVOLVED:
Knowing basic first aid skills can help save someone's life. Click here to find out more info on our CPD accredited interactive training course where you will obtain the necessary lifesaving skills and learn how to use these skills in real-life circumstances. Some of the lessons cover how to correctly treat skin wounds, burns, bleeding and muscle injuries and how to perform CPR using chest compressions in a simulation set-up.


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