A Complete Guide: Our Physiologix Essential Range

19 July 2023
Find out how our Physiologix Essential range can support you through your injury recovery and aid injury prevention.

Physiologix Essential Range

Our Physiologix Essential sports supports range offers light support and uniform compression without restricting movement. Its 360° stretch and uniform compression prevents slippage and ensures a proper fit. It is an enhanced lightweight, breathable and durable stabiliser that provides support whilst helping to prevent re-injury.

Our Features

  • Easy-to-Use & Comfortable.
  • Enhanced lightweight, breathable, durable stabiliser.
  • Ergonomic design to provide uniform support & compression.
  • 360° Stretch, contour design prevents slippage & ensures a proper fit.
  • Re-enforced edges for durability.

Our Benefits

Support Injury Recovery
Our Essential range provides strength and stability to injured muscles and joints. This promotes effective healing and recovery. The presence of a support also acts as a barrier to protect the affected areas that are vulnerable from further injury.

Reduce Risk of Injury
Using sports support can reduce the risk of injury by providing stability to muscles and joints. This is particularly beneficial for fatigued muscles that are at a greater risk of injury. Our Essential range provides gentle compression that doesn’t impede your movement. This means you can continue to be fit and active while wearing a support from our Essential range.

Increase Blood Circulation  
Our Essential range offers light compression which facilitates increased blood flow to the specific area. Increased blood flow is very beneficial as it supports faster recovery as nutrients and oxygen can reach the affected area more efficiently.

Reduce Inflammation & Swelling 
Inflammation is a body’s natural reaction when an injury occurs. It can cause a lot of pain and discomfort to athletes. Our Essential range provides lightweight compression and stability to the affected area which prevents a build up of fluid.

Types of Physiologix Essential Supports

Discover our range of Physiologix Essential Supports.
Essential Knee
Essential Ankle
Essential Wrist
Essential Elbow
Essential Calf
Essential Thigh

Medical Advice

Consult your GP or medical professionals before using sports support. We also advice that you educate yourself on your injury or condition to ensure you are receiving the best care and treatment.  

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