One Step Ahead: Diabetic Foot Prevention, Symptoms and Treatment

10 November 2022

Proper footcare is essential when it comes to managing conditions such as diabetes. In our blog we’ll discuss diabetic foot while also outlining the treatments and preventative measures you can take to care for your feet.

What is Diabetic Foot?

Diabetic foot disease is a common complication of diabetes. Overtime, the condition can affect the blood supply to your feet while also causing damage to the nerve endings. As nerve endings are damaged, this inhibits your ability to feel pain and temperature. A sensory disability such as this has a negative impact as it reduces your awareness of cuts, burns or any weaknesses that may occur to your feet. If wounds are left untreated and uncared for, they may escalate by increasing in size, becoming infected and developing into a foot ulcer.

Foot Ulceration

One of the main concerns of diabetes is the formation of foot ulcers. A foot ulcer is an open sore on your foot. Foot ulcers form due to a combination of factors such as poor circulation, wounds, blisters, and foot deformities (e.g., bunions)
According to the HSE, “eighty percent of lower limb amputations in diabetes are preceded by the development of a foot ulcer”.

Diabetic Foot Treatment 

Individuals with diabetes should receive an annual foot examination to assess the condition of their feet and to identify any potential concerns. It is recommended that diabetics become aware of foot care solutions and techniques to ensure the proper care of their feet. In addition, it is encouraged that you wash your feet and check them daily. Examine the sole of each foot, between the toes and around the heel. This simple daily routine will help highlight any concerns. It is important that all concerns should be brought to the attention of your GP, carer, or a trained healthcare professional as soon as possible.

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