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We are a family-owned provider of high-quality healthcare devices and consumables. Fleming Medical is a trusted partner to pharmacy, community health and healthcare professionals operating successfully in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Delivering market leading pharmacy brands in Home Diagnostics, First Aid, Sport Therapy and Advanced Wound Care has been our focus for over 30 years. We design, produce and deliver these pharmacy exclusive products under our Medicare, Lifesense and Physiologix brands.

We are committed to empowering patients and physicians through innovative medical technologies and diagnostic information that provide better patient outcomes for acute and chronic conditions.


New Physiologix Custom Range New Physiologix Custom Range

Trusted by First RespondersDefibrillators & Accessories

We are a leading supplier of defibrillators and accessories not just due to the quality of the products we offer, but also the valuable aftercare and maintenance provided by our service team.

Our AEDs are trusted by first responders, businesses and communities to help deal with emergency situations easily and efficiently.