Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infographic & Update

11 March 2020
As the rise and spread of the Coronavirus begins to develop further, so does the demand for information. We have created an infographic and gathered some useful links for you to use. You can use this information to inform your staff and customers on the facts and steps for prevention. 

It is important to educate yourself about the virus and it’s progression from credible sources.  Health organisation websites like the World Health Organization(WHO), Health Service Executive (HSE) and National Health Service (NHS)  are great resources.

The HSE have up to date advice in relation to the virus and a FAQ page where they answer questions like:
  • How to prevent the spread of COVID-19 
  • What the signs and symptoms are and what you should do if you have them
  • What people who have been in affected areas should do
  • Current situation globally, in Europe and Ireland 
We have updated our Coronavirus Infographic with current data and advice from health organizations, click here to download.

The core advice from the World Health Organisation is pretty simple, thoroughly clean hands with alcohol-based products and practice overall clean hygiene.

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