Travel Smart,
Travel Safe

Eveything you need to be
rescue-ready when travelling

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Whether you’re jetting off somewhere far this summer, or holidaying closer to home, you should always carry a few essential travel items to stay Rescue Ready. Take a look at our Travel Checklist so you can enjoy your travels safely and with peace of mind.

We've also put together a handy campaign pack of Travel Smart, Travel Safe assets for pharmacies looking to promote Medicare products in-store and online.

First Aid Kits for Travel

Browse our range of travel-ready first aid kits, from our pockets kits that are ideal for handbags and backpacks and treating cuts and scrapes, to the full-fledged travel kit that packs enough for the entire family should a first-aid emergency arise.

Holiday & Air Travel Essentials

Whether it's to deal with pesky insect bites or get better sleep while in the air, our home health range contains many travel essentials.