We are a leading supplier of defibrillators and accessories not just due to the quality of the products we offer, but also the valuable aftercare and maintenance provided by our service team. Our AEDs are trusted by first responders, businesses and communities to help deal with emergency situations easily and efficiently.

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AED Training

In addition to supplying and servicing defibrillators, we also provide training equipment and online courses on how to use a defibrillator in emergency situations. This is vitally important to ensure that your staff/community members can act with confidence in life-threatening scenarios.

Why Do You Need an AED?

Sudden Cardiac Arrest affects so many people each year and can happen within a split second without any warning signs. An AED should be in every community and workplace, especially in high stress environments where the risk of cardiac arrest is higher. Contact us to find out more about our AEDs and high quality servicing.

Why Your Workplace Needs an AED Why Your Workplace Needs an AED