Annual Preventative Maintenance Contract Proposal

Dear valued customer, in order to prolong the life of the equipment you have purchased from us, we have put together the below suggested preventative maintenance contract based on the medical equipment you have on-site.

In line with HPRA guidelines, planned preventative maintenance following the manufacturer’s guidelines is a key element in helping ensure devices are safe and reliable, and must be carried out on a regular basis. We will provide and retain documentation of each device that has received preventative maintenance for your records.

The following will be carried out by trained personnel on your equipment during its Annual Service:
  • Visual inspection of the casing including all door mechanisms
  • Visual inspection of all accessories including battery, pads and cabling where applicable
  • Plug in software diagnostics of device, shock test, and battery check on AED devices
  • Printer and Simulation test, on readings accuracy, on all ECG devices
  • A digital report will be submitted to the customer within 7 days of completing the above

If you would like more information on upgrading any of the medical equipment you have purchased from us in the past, please contact our Sales Team to discuss and they will be more than happy to assist you.

To ensure the continued reliable operation of your vital equipment, please request the e-contract below.