AED Leasing Programme

Introducing our AED (Automated External Defibrillator) leasing programme, revolutionising access to life-saving technology.

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The Leasing Price Plan

The Schiller FRED PA-1 Defibrillator starts up immediately and guides the rescuer step by step during the entire resuscitation process. It is embedded with the FreeCPR feature, the only system that helps the rescuer to reach the proper compression frequency without any additional hardware.

AED Model: Schiller FRED PA-1 Defibrillator

Leasing Term: 3 years

Monthly Payment: €69.95

Fast Set Up Fast Set Up
Pre-connected electrodes allow faster application. Semi-Automatic Semi-Automatic
The FRED PA-1 prompts the rescuer to deliver the shock by pressing the shock button. Battery Shelf Life Battery Shelf Life
Medical grade 6-year battery.

Why Choose Our Leasing Programme?

Rescue scene with Fred PA-1 We are a leading AED supplier in Ireland, supplying and serving AEDs from world-leading brands Schiller and Zoll. Our AEDs are trusted by first responders, businesses and communities to help deal with emergency situations easily and efficiently.


1. Easy Affordability: Our leasing programme allows you to obtain an AED immediately and start protecting your organisation or community straight away, for as little as €69.95 a month.


2. Training Included: Be confident that your team are prepared and comfortable using your new AED with free in-person training with our specially-trained Service Team. We also have online training courses available as another training option or as a refresher that can be taken anytime, anywhere.


3. Cutting-Edge Technology: Our AEDs boast the latest advancements in defibrillation technology. Equipped with intuitive interfaces, audio and visual guidance, and rapid analysis capabilities, our devices empower anyone, regardless of experience, to confidently respond to cardiac emergencies.


4. Complimentary Service and Support: Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our AED leasing package includes comprehensive maintenance and support services. We take care of regular device check-ups, battery replacements, software updates, and training to ensure your AED is always ready for action.

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Schiller Fred PA-1 Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Training Course

Fleming Medical Academy offers a range of engaging online courses focused on specialist equipment, our product range, medical conditions, and first aid and basic life support training.

We are a member of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) authority and are committed to providing pharmacy and healthcare professionals with best-in-class learning content.

This course will introduce you to the Schiller Fred PA-1 Automated External Defibrillator (AED). The course is open access so you can freely access the content, but for the best experience, you should sign-up. This will allow you to save your progress and complete the course assessment.

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35 mins Open Access

Interactive & Self-ledInteractive & Self-Led
Ideal for Busy SchedulesIdeal for Busy Schedules
Certificate of CompletionCertificate of Completion
Test Your KnowledgeTest Your Knowledge

Why Does Your Organisation Need an AED?

Cardiac emergencies demand immediate action, and the presence of an AED enables rapid intervention while waiting for professional medical assistance to arrive.

  • Having an AED closeby is essential because the chance of survival after sudden cardiac arrest while waiting for emergency medical help to arrive is only 5% for victims.
  • That likelihood of survival increases to 60% if bystanders step in, perform CPR, and use an AED device. CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) must be performed on a cardiac arrest sufferer to re-establish blood flow to the brain and heart.
  • A defibrillator (AED) must be used deliver an electrical shock to stop irregular heartbeats and assist in restoring the heart’s natural rhythm.
The importance of AEDs