Fleming Medical Ltd

About Us

Fleming Medical is a family-owned business dedicated to partnering with healthcare and pharmacy professionals to supply a complete range of certified quality medical devices, healthcare consumables and pharmacy exclusive OTC products.


Our mission is to innovate, develop and supply certified and trusted, safe medical products and services to our healthcare partners and their patients.


Our vision is to provide innovative medical products, partnering with healthcare professionals to help empower the patient to manage their well-being.


  • Leadership
  • Honesty
  • Partnership
  • Trust
  • Empathy
  • Teamwork

Our Story

Founded over 35 years ago, Fleming Medical is an Irish family-owned business and leading innovator of diagnostic, sports therapy, first aid, and wound care products. We design, produce, and deliver these products under our Medicare and Physiologix brands. We operate successfully in more than 20 countries worldwide and are a trusted partner for Irish and international pharmacy, community health, and hospital healthcare professionals.

We believe that it is no longer sufficient to simply sell healthcare products. Understanding the needs of the healthcare professional and patient, being an expert in our field, and finding the most effective solution is essential to our business. This has translated to our products that are certified quality, market-leading, and provide greater understanding to patients with conditions such as COPD, Hypertension, Obesity, and much more. We are a leading supplier of defibrillators and accessories not just due to the quality of the products we offer, but also the valuable aftercare and maintenance provided by our service team. Our AEDs are trusted by first responders, businesses, and communities to help deal with emergency situations easily and efficiently.

Training and innovation is one of our main focuses of Fleming Medical. We believe ‘Connected Health’ drives patient empowerment thanks to the consumer-enabled products and technologies through our Medicare LifeSense branded products and app. The Medicare LifeSense App allows people to get a complete picture of their health by tracking activity, SpO2 levels, blood pressure, sleep, and weight. The user can measure, track and share their results with their healthcare professional, family, or friends.

Our Brand Family

DiagnosticsFirst Aid, Footcare, InfectionControl, Home HealthTapes & Supports

Our Office Locations

We are headquartered in Limerick, Ireland, but also have offices in the Milton Keynes, UK, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Shanghai, China and Dubai, UAE. See the map below for details.


Interested in finding out whether a career at Fleming Medical is for you? Check out our Careers​ page to see a list of our current opportunities, and what it's like working in one of our many fast-paced and rapidly-growing teams.