V3 Wearable

Discover the newest addition to our range of nebulisers.

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MedicareV3 Wearable Nebuliser

Medicare V3 Wearable Nebuliser

Experience the Medicare® V3 Wearable Nebuliser, designed with your convenience in mind.

The nebuliser can be powered by your phone, battery pack or USB cable enabling you to charge your device in any location. It also guarantees a discreet and efficient inhalation process as a result of it’s quiet operation level and it’s atomisation feature. Breathe easy with Medicare’s V3 Nebuliser.

No more peeing on sticks

Powered by your phone

Discreet and comfortable

Hands-free operation

24/7 temperature measurement

Discreet and peaceful inhalation process

How to Use

1. Power the Device

Power the device using the USB connector provided.

2. Fill the Medicine Cup

Fill the medicine cup with medication. Insert the other end of the main unit connection cable into the input port of the medicine cup.

3.Start the Inhalation

Attach the mask to the medicine cup. Ensure power is on, take a slow deep breath and inhale the medication.

Clean and Dry


Hands Free

Hands-free operation for ultimate ease and mobility

USB Powered

Powered by your phone, battery pack, or USB ensuring flexibility to your lifestyle

Quiet & Discreet

Boasting quiet operation at a level of less than or equal to 50dB, allowing a discreet and peaceful inhalation process

Travel Safe

Light-weight design makes the device perfect for travelling

Quick & Effective

The self-excited oscillation circuit, working harmoniously with ceramic sheets and a metal mesh, ensures a dynamic and precise conversion process

Watch Our Video

Watch this video to gain a better understanding of the V3 Wearable Nebuliser and its features.

Frequently Asked Questions

A nebuliser is a device that converts certain medications or sterile saline solutions from liquid form to a mist so that a person may inhale it into their lungs. The purpose of a nebuliser is like that of an asthma inhaler and is used as an alternative to a metered dosage from an inhaler.

The nebuliser medicine cup needs to be replaced every three months for health and safety requirements.

A vibrating membrane or mesh nebuliser also vibrates at a very fast rate to turn the liquid medication into a mist. The vibrating mesh nebuliser uses a stainless steel membrane that has thousands of very small holes to turn liquid medication into a mist. The membrane vibrates, but it is not in direct contact with the medication solution. The mist is created by liquid medication being pushed though the small holes of the membrane.

Open the medicine cup and discard the medication. Add 2-5ml of water to the medicine cup, close the lid tightly. Shake gently so that the residual medication is fully dissolved in the water. Pour solution out of the cup. Dry thoroughly.

Store and use the device in a cool, dry and ventilated environment. Avoid contact with fire or other heat sources, as it can cause the battery to explode.

The medicine cup can be immersed in 75% medical alcohol for no more than 3 minutes, then take out the medicine cup and place it in a clean place to dry. Dry thoroughly and store in time.

Remove the inhalation mask from the main unit. Wash the mask in water. Immediately after washing the parts, please dry thoroughly in a clean environment.

Use 75% medical alcohol to scrub the mask for roughly 3 minutes, then dry the mask and store it in a clean area. After alcohol disinfection, rinse thoroughly with water to avoid alcohol residue.

The medicine cup should be replaced every 3 months. Otherwise, safety and health requirements, functional capacity and safe treatment will no longer be guaranteed. The medicine cup should also be replaced if it has been damaged or if medication cannot be inhaled normally.

Be sure to clean and disinfect the medicine cup and mask after each use, and replace the parts in time if the parts are seriously contaminated.

The metal mesh is stained. Clean the medicine cup to remove any stains. If the problem is not resolved by the above procedure, replace the medicine cup with a new one.