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Medicare is proud to be partered with the Irish Red Cross

Munster Rugby

Medicare & Physiologix - Supporting Munster Rugby all the way!

We have teamed up with Munster Rugby in a three year partnership whereby we are their Official Medical Supplies partner.
Our range of Supports and Tapes are Munster Rugby’s first choice for treating the more severe injuries that can occur. Our partnership with Munster Rugby also includes the branding of the Physiologix Treatment Room at the University of Limerick, Munster Rugby High Performance Centre.
Munster Rugby players promoting the Physiologix brand with Fleming Medical

The range of tapes & supports is Munster Rugby’s choice for more severe and permanent injuries or injuries with reduced function. Each Physiologix product has been developed & designed to provide firm support that enables effective stabilisation & effective compression for the user.

We have also a Medicare Medical Buggy or ‘Red Army Rescue’ vehicle in Independent Park, Cork that is used to bring injured players off the pitch during games in the stadium.

Munster Rugby Medicare Red Army Rescue Buggy