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• Lifeform Intraosseous Infusion Simulator is desinged to demonstrate and simulate the intraosseous infusion procedure
• Represents a six month old infant
• Bones used in model have been designed with 4 sides, each having the ability to be punctured several times
• Three palpable landmarks, including patella, tibia and tibial tuberosity are located in both legs
• Both legs designed so that aspiration is possible

Intrasseous Infusion Simulator Includes:
• (10) replaceable bone inserts
• (2 sets) Replacement leg skins
• (2) white towelettes
• Syringe with tubing
• Blood powder
• Sealing Wax
• (1/2 oz) Liquid Lubricant
• Mixing Bottle
• Needle
• Hard Carrying Case
• 3 year Warranty Pack Size :1