'Perfect Palm' Sphygmomanometer

'Perfect Palm' Sphygmomanometer

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• ERKA 'Perfect Palm' Sphygmomanometer is a top of the range, high quality, classic handheld blood pressure gauge

• Ideal for use for GPs and hospitals
• Manometer housing brass chrome-plated
• Membrane protecting 2 tube technology
• Display scale is 56mm diameter
• Measuring accuracy over the total range: ± 3mmHg
• Screw valve for sensitive adjustment

• Long lasting high quality material
• Flat and easy to carry - ideal for the doctor’s bag
• All materials recyclable

ERKA Perfect Palm Sphygmomanometer Includes:
• Washable velcro cuff
• 3 year warranty

RANGE 29-40CM Pack Size :1

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