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Fleming Medical meets the legendary Joe Schmidt!

Read entire post: Fleming Medical meets the legendary Joe Schmidt!

Mark & Kate Fleming from Limerick based Fleming Medical recently met up with Irish Rugby coach Joe Schmidt during his recent visit to Limerick.


Joe gave an inspiring speech to covering areas such as team motivation, belonging to a community & how to enjoy the good times but learn from defeats and to bounce back.



Fleming Medical has recently launched its Physiologix Sports Therapy range, it belongs to a stable of brands from Fleming Medical which also includes Medicare, Irelands No. 1 pharmacy only First Aid brand. 


Founded by CEO, Mark Fleming 30 years ago in Limerick, Fleming Medical now employs more than 60 people and is a trusted partner for Irish Pharmacists and in the delivery of quality First Aid/ Sport Therapy/ Diagnostic & Woundcare products.


 “We were delighted to meet Joe recently, his anecdotes & stories are truly inspiring for all of us both on and off the pitch ”.

Mark Fleming, MD Fleming Medical.

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Tis the season for Trade Shows!


Yes, the Trade Show season is upon us and we will be exhibiting at two trade shows , if you are attending either event please do call to see us at our stand in the exhibition areas - we'd love to see you & you might be in with a chance to win some great prizes in our show raffles!

Below are details of the shows - 

6th & 7th October
The Strand Hotel, Ennis Rd, Limerick

5th & 6th October
Radisson Hotel, Ennis Rd, Limerick

We will be featuring our Woundcare Range with our Woundcare Consultant Mary Martin at the IPNA event & featuring our Portable Medical Equipment at the Rural, Island & Dispensing Doctors conference.
We will also have Special Show Discounts on our medical equipment so be sure to ask the team, below are some of the products that we will be showing & demonstrating at both shows.

Please do feel free to contact us for more information on the products below or any other product inquiries on 1800 307777 or
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Did you know that Irish Road Safety Awareness Week is this week?

Read entire post: Did you know that Irish Road Safety Awareness Week is this week?




This week is the RSA's Road Safety Week Awareness Campaign for 2018 which endeavours to highlight the importance of road safety for both drivers & pedestrians.

Recent statistics for the RSA have shown there has been an 11% decrease in the number of road deaths for the first half of this year compared with 2017.  77 people have died on Irish roads so far this year, a decrease of ten people compared to this time last year.

The RSA’s Irish Road Safety Week which runs from Monday the 1st of October wants to maintain awareness of safe driving throughout the country particularly as the winter months approach.

For more information, go to

In conjunction with the Irish Road Safety Awareness Week, Medicare, Ireland's leading & trusted first aid brand has a Motor DIN 13164 First Aid Kit. A DIN 13164 means the kit has to include a High Vis Jacket, a Torch & a Reflective Warning Triangle essentials, particularly in the winter months.
Click on the image below for more information on the Medicare Motor DIN Kit.


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Yes, we were super proud to have the announcement of our Medicare & Physiologix partnership with Munster Rugby mentioned by Ryan Tubridy on last weeks Late Late Show as part of the 'One for everyone in the audience' segment.

We gave each member of the audience a hamper including Medicare Irish Red Cross Home First Aid Kit, A Motor DIN Kit for the care & a Medicare Lifesense Activity Monitor & one for Ryan of course!


Check out



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We have teamed up with Munster Rugby as their official Medical Supplies Partner!

Read entire post: We have teamed up with Munster Rugby as their official Medical Supplies Partner!

We have recently teamed up with Munster Rugby as their official Medical Supplies partner in a recently signed three-year deal.

Our Physiologix range is our new Sport Supports brand which sits alongside Medicare, Irelands No. 1 pharmacy only First Aid brand.

The partnership includes the naming of the Physiologix Treatment Room in the Munster Rugby High Performance Centre at the University of Limerick.

Founded by our CEO, Mark Fleming 30 years ago in Limerick, we now employ more than 60 people and are a trusted partner for Irish and international pharmacists and healthcare providers in the delivery of quality healthcare products.


The range of tapes & supports is Munster Rugby’s choice for more severe and permanent injuries or injuries with reduced function.  Each Physiologix product has been developed & designed to provide firm support that enables effective stabilisation & effective compression for the user.

To launch the partnership Munster Players Tadhg Beirne, Jean Kleyn & Limerick native Calvin Nash joined Mark Fleming MD of Fleming & Doug Howlett from Munster Rugby in the new Physiologix Treatment Room.

Doug_Howlett,_Tadhg_Beirne,_Mark_Fleming,_Damien_Mordan,_Jean_Kleyn,_Calvin_Nash                 Damien_Mordan,_Jean_Kleyn 

Commenting on the partnership Head of Commercial and Marketing, Doug Howlett said, “We are delighted to welcome Medicare/ Physiologix as a new partner. It’s always great to work with a local business that we can support in achieving their international growth aspirations.”

Damien Mordan, Munster Rugby Lead Physiotherapist who has been involved in each stage of the product development process said, “I believe the standard of materials, design & technology is excellent in the Physiologix range, my Physio team and I are using them both on and off the pitch daily for the Munster team”.

Mark Fleming, MD Fleming Medical said, “The products in our Physiologix range are based on our most advanced designs & materials to date. Being a proud Munster company with Munster in our DNA, we are delighted to partner with Munster Rugby as their Medical Supplies Partner”.

Jean_Kleyn,_Calvin_Nash,_Tadhg_Beirne                    Jean_Kleyn,_Calvin_Nash,_Tadhg_Berine

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Back to School First Aid Essentials

Read entire post: Back to School First Aid Essentials

A well-stocked first aid kit is an essential item in every home particularly as the kids are back to school – it ensures you are prepared for any little emergencies both indoors & outdoors.


First Aid Kits now come with the essential items outlined below but be sure to check the first aid items in your kit regularly so to replace items that have expired or that you're running low on. 


Check out Medicare & the Irish Red Cross First Aid Kit range for more.

Both the kits and the items below are available in all leading pharmacies.



1. First Aid Spray Wash

A First Aid Spray is essential for cleaning wounds & removing dirt particles, Medicare’s First Aid Spray comes out in a stream forceful enough to flush dirt particles out of a wound. 

First Aid Sprays can be used on injuries as well as to wiping your hands before or after before and after administering first aid.


2. Sterile Gauze Pads and Medical Tape

Gauze pads should always be part of a first aid arsenal. Use them to stop bleeding or to cover a wound that an adhesive bandage won't accommodate by using the tape to keep the gauze in place. A good rule of thumb is to have five each in sizes 3 inches by 3 inches and 4 inches by 4 inches. You also can use scissors to cut larger gauze pads down to size when necessary. Items such as Medicare’s Medigauze & Zinc Oxide Tape Ranges are ideal.


3. Scissors

A good pair of scissors has lots of uses, from trimming gauze pads and cutting lengths of medical tape, as noted above, to snipping clothing that needs to be trimmed out of the way. A pair of small curved medical scissors is worth the investment: They're safer than regular sewing or craft scissors and easier to manipulate.  Check out Medicare’s Dressing Scissors


4. Elastic Bandage

Commonly referred to by the brand name ACE bandage, this length of stretchy fabric has a variety of uses when it comes to first aid care. It can be used to tightly wrap an injury to help reduce swelling, hold bandages in place, serve as a tourniquet, or hold hot or cold packs in place. Medicare’s Elastic Adhesive Bandage Range is perfect for this use.


5. Instant Cold Packs

Many types of injuries benefit from being iced: The cold can slow the flow of blood to decrease swelling and bruising of a twisted ankle or battered shoulder. Cold also can ease itching from stings and bites. But since it's impossible to carry ice around in a first aid kit, the next best thing is an instant cold pack that turns icy when a substance inside is activated (usually by shaking or bending the ice pack). Keep several in your kit: They can be used only once. Check out Medicare Instant Ice Cold Packs.


6. Disposable Gloves

Gloves are important for protecting both the person administering first aid and the injured part from bacteria and other harmful microbes. They also come in handy for cleaning up the area where blood or other bodily fluids might have been left behind. Some people are highly allergic to latex, a material commonly used to make disposable gloves, so to be safe, stock up on nonlatex gloves made of nitrile or neoprene. Medicare’s range of disposable gloves include various sizes & composition.


7. Plasters & Strip Dressing Bandages

These are essential for dealing with small injuries such as cuts, scrapes, and blisters. They come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate any size or type of injury on any part of the body (for example, some are designed to fit snuggly on a finger), so stock your kit with as much variety as you can. Be sure to include butterfly-shaped ones which can be used to hold two sides of a wound together. Other features to consider: bandages that are waterproof, for sensitive skin ie allergies ie latex/ acrylic. You might also liquid bandage—a waterproof adhesive you can use to seal a cut closed while it heals. Medicare’s Family Value Packs have a range of suitable plasters and dressings sizes that are perfect for little emergencies.


8. Burn Gel

Burn Gel is perfect for burns from fire, boiling water as well as sunburn. They are effective in the treatment of burns, soothing the injury while protecting it from infection. A good tip is to keep it in the fridge for extra cooling effect.


In Case of Emergency

First aid kits are intended to help manage a non-emergency injury or other medical issues on the spot. For serious problems, such as a large wound that won't stop bleeding or a blow to the head, call for help or head directly to the nearest A&E for emergency treatment.

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Portable & Reliable Medical Equipment Solutions - Free Demo & 2 Week Trial!


For a limited time, we are offering a FREE No Obligation Demonstration & 2 Week Trial for either the Edan ECG or Aquarius Vital Signs Monitors.

Our Edan ECG has been designed for those who require superb quality in a mobile situation while our Aquarius Vital Signs Monitor provides accurate, quality diagnostic with its touch screen function, infrared thermometer & slim portable design.

Below is a brief summary of each piece of equipment -  please do contact Ger Tierney or any of our team to book a FREE Demo & 2 Week Trial on 087 671 6933 or 1800 307777 or or




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Our 8th Year @ The UK Pharmacy Show!

Read entire post: Our 8th Year @ The UK Pharmacy Show!


We will return to The UK Pharmacy Show in the NEC Birmingham for our 8th year irunning from Sunday the 7th to Monday the 8th of October.


A range of core products from our First Aid, Sports Therapy, Diagnostics & Footcare Ranges will be on display for visitors to the show to see, touch and feel & maybe trial (ouch those sore feet!).

We are also planning to launch our new innovative Medicare Effigerm First Aid Spray & Gel & Junior Spray.  All three products are Anti-bacterial, Fungal, Viral and kill 99.9% germs. They have been dermatologically tested and are hypoallergenic, free from fragrances & alcohol, preservatives and harmful chemicals – the amazing thing is that they are as natural as water and so are safe to use by all in the home.


Both myself & our UK based Sales Team will be there to answer any questions you may have regarding our extensive product range.

Our stand will be located on Stand PK14 in the Main Hall in the NEC, Birmingham, we do hope you will pop by to say hello!

Mark Fleming, our MD said, We are delighted to return to the UK Pharmacy Show this year, the show has been a great success for us in the past where we meet our UK customers both new and old”.



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Back to School Specials from Medicare & More!

Read entire post: Back to School Specials from Medicare & More!



Although summer is nearly over we thought we would get your customers prepared for the new term ahead with some great offers & promotions.

We have some great bundles such as our Back to Schools Essentials that include Medicare Kids Plasters & Hand Sanitizer & our  Back to School Bundle including 2 x Medicare Kids Plasters & A Free Pencil Case


We also have our Medicare College Freshers Survival Kit that includes an eye mask, lip balm, ear plugs & cold sore plasters, all the essentials for the new College Fresher! Our Lice Prevention Kit includes Lice Shampoo, Comb & Leave-in Spray all the essentials for back to school!


Other specials we have on offer include 10 Free Instant Ice Packs with our Medicare Sports Bag & A Free pack of Medicare Waterproof Plasters with every Medicare Mouthguard.

All the promotions are now ready to be shipping in time for the Back to School rush!


Please do feel free to contact any of our Pharmacy Ireland team for more information on our August Promotions or any other product inquiries on 1800 307777 or

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Fleming Medical Room revealed at the launch of the RCSI’s, York St. Project - Europe’s most advanced healthcare education facility

Read entire post: Fleming Medical Room revealed at the launch of the RCSI’s, York St. Project - Europe’s most advanced healthcare education facility


Mr.Michael R. Bloomberg, three-term mayor of New York City, spoke at the official opening of Europe’s most advanced healthcare education facility, based at RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland).


The opening of 26 York Street project puts Ireland at the global forefront of pioneering developments in the delivery of medical education. This €80m revolutionary building enables RCSI to promote innovation in learning to educate healthcare professionals who will lead the world to better health.  


As part of the overall launch, the Fleming Medical In-Patient Simulation Room was also revealed.  The room in a Birthing Simulation Suite with, Lucia, Ireland’s first state of art Birthing Mannequin, Lucia is a life-size robot who will benefit the surgical education of RCSI students.


Lafayette0259                                                   Door_Plate


Mark Fleming, MD Fleming Medical said, “We are delighted to be part of such a pioneering project such as 26 York St. where future healthcare professionals will have access to state-of-the-art simulation equipment, our vision of the future is to empower the patient and the physician by providing better patient outcomes for acute and chronic conditions through innovative medical technologies and real-time diagnostic information".

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